ˇ@Sport is an essential part of a childˇ¦s education, yet many schools simply choose to treat sports as a secondary activity or worse, as simply an elective. Because sports builds character and teaches respect of others, our school treat sports as a subject of importance, on a similar standing as traditional academic subjects. With the help of Prince, we have developed a tennis program aimed at exposing kids from 3-6 years old to the ABCs of playing tennis. Using specialized equipment and tennis courts, we hope to expose children to the essentials of playing the sport and the importance of sportsmanship. We are one of the few schools in China to implement such as serious sports curriculum and we are very proud of that fact.


ˇ@A large part of appreciating music is making it. That is why we have chosen the violin as the basic vehicle in teaching music in our music curriculum. While our violin curriculum is premised on the violin examination syllabus for the preparatory grade of the National College of Music, London, it is not necessary for children to take the exam if they do not want to. Children are taught to not only to basics of violin playing, they also get to play together in the kindergarten strings orchestra on campus. We are the first in China to adopt such a cutting edge approach to teaching music, and we are extremely proud of that fact.

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